Healthier Kentucky

A Healthier Kentucky

Health Insurance Coverage for Every Kentuckian

Kentucky has more than 640,000 uninsured citizens, which is about 15 percent of the state’s population. Approximately 308,000 will qualify for Medicaid. The remaining 332,000 can choose among state-approved insurance plans, and can compare monthly premiums and other costs like co-pays. Thanks to new requirements through the Affordable Care Act, no one can be denied coverage for any reason, even pre-existing conditions.

Provided they meet all the eligibility requirements (Kentucky resident, U.S. citizen or alien status, not currently in prison and can provide proof of income):

  • An individual making less than $15,856 will qualify for Medicaid under the expansion.
  • An individual making between $15,857-$45,960 will qualify for premium assistance.
  • A family of four making less than $32,499 will be eligible for Medicaid.
  • A family of four with a household income of between $32,500-$94,200 will be eligible for premium assistance.


Medicaid Expansion

Calling it “the single-most important decision in our lifetime for improving the health of Kentuckians,” Gov. Steve Beshear announced in May 2013 the inclusion of 308,000 more Kentuckians in the federal Medicaid health insurance program.

The expansion – made in accordance with the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) – will help hundreds of thousands of Kentucky families, dramatically improve the state’s health, create nearly 17,000 new jobs and have a $15.6 billion positive economic impact on the state between its beginning in Fiscal Year 2014 and full implementation in Fiscal Year 2021.



kynect is Kentucky’s health benefits marketplace and will offer individuals, families and small businesses one-stop shopping to find health coverage. With kynect, individuals will find out if they qualify for payment assistance and special discounts on deductibles, copays and co-insurance. Small businesses will be able to use kynect to enroll their employees in health plans, and businesses with fewer than 25 employees may qualify for tax credits by using kynect.

kynect statistics

2014/2015 Open Enrollment stats as of Thursday 2/19/2015:


unique visitors to the kynect website viewing 25.3 million pages.


individuals have conducted preliminary screenings.


calls have been handled by the kynect contact center.


new accounts have been created.


people have downloaded the new kynect app.


new applications have been submitted.


individuals have enrolled in Medicaid coverage.


individuals have renewed their enrollment in a qualified health plan.


individuals have newly enrolled in a qualified health plan.


individuals have enrolled in dental plans.


individuals have visited the new kynect store at Fayette Mall in Lexington; 5,938 have completed applications for new coverage.