Governor's Office

Governor Beshear's Cabinet

Secretary Lassiter

Governor's Executive Cabinet

Secretary Mary Lassiter

Secretary of the Governor's Executive Cabinet is the highest appointed position in the executive branch. The governor’s executive cabinet is comprised of the secretary of the executive cabinet and Kentucky's eleven cabinet secretaries and is responsible for implementing the Governor’s policies and advising the Governor on the policy matters affecting the Commonwealth.

Secretary Hayes

Cabinet for Economic Development

Secretary Larry Hayes

The Economic Development Cabinet directs the state’s economic development efforts. Its mission directs it to “create more and higher quality opportunities for all Kentuckians by building an expanding sustainable economy.” With the input and participation of hundreds of Kentuckians from varying parts of the state and its economy, broad goals are developed into a specific and dynamic strategic plan to foster and focus Kentucky’s economic development.

Secretary Zawacki

Education and Workforce Development Cabinet

Secretary Thomas O. Zawacki

The Education and Workforce Development Cabinet provides life-long learning opportunities for all Kentuckians. Through a system of excellent public schools and postsecondary institutions, high quality libraries, nationally recognized public television, and innovative workforce training, the Cabinet's agencies prepare our citizens for success and our Commonwealth for economic growth.

Secretary Peters 

Energy and Environment Cabinet

Secretary Len Peters

Kentucky’s EEC has the role of overseers of how we carefully and thoughtfully address the energy needs of our citizens. Whether from our historic coal operations and seeking ways in which to mine and deliver that mineral more safely and cleanly, developing new methods to deliver energy to residents and businesses, or implementing stringent regulations that make certain Kentucky’s natural beauty is not harmed, EEC employees continue to work diligently to bring vital services to all Kentuckians.

Secretary Flanery 

Finance and Administration Cabinet

Secretary Lori H. Flanery

Finance and Administration is, in many ways, a hub for all state government operations. Its wide-ranging duties include policy development, procurement of goods and services, the maintenance of state-owned facilities, and employee training--to name just a few.

Secretary Haynes 

Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Secretary Audrey Tayse Haynes

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is the state government agency that administers programs to promote the mental and physical health of Kentuckians and support Kentucky's families. 

Secretary Brown 

Justice and Public Safety Cabinet

Secretary J. Michael Brown

The Justice and Public Safety Cabinet is the state entity responsible for criminal justice services. This encompasses law enforcement and training; adult and juvenile treatment and incarceration; autopsies, death certifications and toxicology analyses; special investigations; paroling of eligible convicted felons; administration of federal grants for criminal justice programs; and long range planning and recommendations on statewide criminal justice reform issues.

Secretary Roberts 

Labor Cabinet

Secretary Larry L. Roberts

The Labor Cabinet's goal is to create workplace environments that are safe and free of conflict, where all workers are properly trained and receive fair pay and benefits for a quality standard of living.

Secretary Bevington 

Personnel Cabinet

Acting Secretary Dinah Bevington

The Personnel Cabinet serves as a strategic partner to state agencies by encouraging thoughtful talent acquisition and management practices, promoting individual and organizational development, fostering a culture of recognition, and offering innovative educational experiences, for the employees of this Commonwealth.  

Secretary Wilson 

Public Protection Cabinet

Secretary Ambrose Wilson IV

The Public Protection Cabinet is responsible for monitoring and regulating a number of activities that impact nearly every Kentuckians – the financial soundness of our state chartered banks and investment companies; Thoroughbred and standardbred horse racing; the operations of all types of insurance companies; the various forms of charitable gaming; the appeal of a property tax assessment; building permits and fire safety inspections and crime victims compensation are all part of the Public Protection Cabinet.

Secretary Stewart 

Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet

Secretary Bob Stewart

The Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet combines Kentucky’s assets in parks, tourism, cultural heritage, and arts to effectively promote and market these assets. It will provide a single source and brand for Kentucky promotion throughout the state, nation, and the world and manage investment in these assets with a broad, coordinated view for creating economic development.

Secretary Hancock 

Transportation Cabinet

Secretary Mike Hancock

Kentucky's Transportation Cabinet is responsible for maintaining and improving the transportation infrastructure of the Commonwealth including 27,438 miles of roads, 160 licensed airports, 23 public transportation systems, and with the registration of 2.7 million licensed drivers and 3.4 million vehicles annually.


Cabinet Rank Members

Lt. Gov. Crit Luallen 

The Lieutenant Governor

Crit Luallen

Major General Tonini 

Department of Military Affairs

Major General Edward W. Tonini, Adjutant General  

Budget Director Driskell 

Office of the State Budget Director

Jane Driskell, State Budget Director

Budget Director Driskell 

Commonwealth Office of Technology

James (Jim) Fowler, Chief Information Officer