Everybody Counts

​​​​​​​​​​​Everybody Counts provides graduating hig​h school seniors from participating Kentucky school districts guaranteed job opportunities with business partners as well as postsecondary resources and support. The initiative matches graduates looking for jobs in the commonwealth with employers actively seeking young Kentuckians to fill roles within their companies.


Students in participating Kentucky school districts will have access to career and education opportunities through business and community partnerships.


Qualifying students can discover their path when they connect with participating employers and postsecondary institutions. Students can choose one of three pathways:

  • High school graduation to employment;
  • High school graduation to postsecondary enrollment; or
  • High school graduation to both employment and postsecondary enrollment.


A college and career coach will be available to guide participating students through the employment and college application process.

Participating School Districts​​

​​​​Everybody Counts

"Every young adult in Kentucky counts. We want to do everything we can to ensure each one of these grad​uating seniors is on a path for success – a path that can change in the future if their goals change​. We are at a unique moment in time. There's never been more opportunity to get higher education and training, and for the first time in my lifetime we have more jobs than people to fill them. We want to give these students a chance to select that path they want to be on before they graduate."​

​—Governor An​dy Beshear​​


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