Priority: Retirement

Gov. Beshear believes a pension is a promise. When they committed to careers that benefit Kentucky communities, we promised teachers, first responders and other public employees that they would be able to retire with dignity, and Gov. Beshear has vowed to keep that promise.

As attorney general, Andy Beshear went to the Supreme Court and personally argued for the promised pensions of more than 200,000 teachers, police officers, firefighters, EMS, social workers and nearly all city and county employees in Kentucky when the previous administration tried to slash their pension benefits.

Kentucky's public servants go to work every day to keep our communities safe, educate tomorrow's leaders or put themselves in harm's way. The least we can do is protect the promised pension benefits they have paid into during their years of service. That is why Gov. Beshear's proposed budget puts record funding into the state's pension systems – the most money that has ever been put into it. Gov. Beshear proposes putting $670 million more into pensions than was allotted in the last budget, which was passed by the legislature in 2018.


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