Signature Accomplishments

​Governor Beshear has provided Kentuckians steady, compassionate leadership through historic challenges and events while continually moving Kentucky forward.​​​​​

More Than $32 Billion in New Private Sector Investments

Since becoming Governor, secured more than 1,000 private-sector new-location and expansion projects, creating more than 54,700 jobs

Made Kentucky the Electric Vehicle Battery Capital of the United States

$6 billion investment at BlueOval SK Battery Park in Hardin County (5,000 jobs); $2 billion investment at AESC Gigafactory in Warren County (2,000 jobs)

Best Two-Year Period in State History for Economic Growth

2021 saw $11.2 billion in planned investment and commitments to create 18,000 jobs. 2022 brought $10.5 billion in new investments and 16,000 jobs

$1.6 Billion in Federal Funding for the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project

Construction will be completed with no tolls

Record Low Unemployment in Kentucky

Kentucky’s all-time record for lowest unemployment over the longest period

Announced Single Largest Investment Ever in Western Kentucky

Nearly billion-dollar high-tech battery recycling and production by Ascend Elements, bringing 400 jobs

Expanded Access to Healthcare for Over 400,000 Additional Kentuckians

Includes dental, hearing and vision care benefits

Double Digit Wage Growth

2022 incentivized hourly wages for projects up 11.5% over 2021, which itself was already the second-highest mark over a seven-year period

$1.2 Billion in Disaster Relief

$828 million for those impacted by Western Kentucky tornados; $400 million for those impacted by the Eastern Kentucky flooding

Kentucky’s Bourbon Industry Had Best-Ever Year for Growth in 2022

Projected to Have Four Largest Budget Surpluses in Kentucky History

Bringing the state’s rainy day fund to nearly $4 billion at the end of fiscal year 2024

Led the Way on Passage and Decriminalization of Medical Cannabis

Providing long sought after relief to Kentuckians with chronic or terminal conditions, including veterans with PTSD

Delivered More than $412 million for Clean Drinking Water

Providing clean drinking water, clean water systems and sewer access to an estimated 4,255 unserved and 88,115 underserved homes

Restored Voting Rights for More Than 187,000 Kentuckians

Issued Executive Order on third day in office that automatically restores voting rights to those who have completed their sentences for nonviolent, nonsexual offenses

Signed 627 Bipartisan Bills

Including tax relief, disaster relief and multiple budgets

Secured More Than $2 Billion for High-Speed Internet to Date

Will provide access to affordable and reliable high-speed internet for every home and business in Kentucky.

Historic/Significant Investments in Education

Support for Law Enforcement

$15,000 across-the-board raise to Kentucky State Police, leading to the largest recruit class in years

$15 Million Recovered from the Failed Braidy Industry Deal

Recovered taxpayer money from project that failed to materialize under previous administration

Expanded Early Voting

Kentuckians now have three full days of no-excuse early voting

Signed Income Tax Relief for Kentucky Families

Making Kentucky a National Leader in Job Growth

Ranked #1 in August 2022

Helped Pass Sports Betting

Accelerating and Prioritizing Completion of the Mountain Parkway in Eastern Kentucky

Lowest Recidivism Rate in State History

State’s recidivism rate dropped to a record low

Most Drug Treatment Beds Per Capita in the Country

Increased drug treatment and recovery services statewide


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