Protecting and Strengthening Our Communities

Pro-life Legislation

Governor Bevin signed “Informed Consent” legislation. Physicians are prohibited from terminating pregnancies after 20 weeks of gestation—a timeframe in which experts say that a fetus can feel pain. Physicians also offer an ultrasound to patients prior to performing an abortion, which allows women to make the most informed medical decision possible.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

Governor Bevin fully funded anti-heroin legislation and created a program to combat substance abuse. Strong penalties have been created for trafficking any amount of heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil and fentanyl derivatives that are destroying Kentucky lives and families. Also, in an effort to shut down the on-ramps to addiction, opioid prescriptions are now limited to a three-day supply, with exceptions for chronic pain, cancer treatment and end of life care.

Foster Care and Adoption

Youth are allowed temporary placements with non-relative adults who already have a significant emotional relationship with the child. Foster children may also obtain their learner’s permits and driver’s licenses without the signature of their parent or guardian.

Criminal Justice Reform

In order for felons to re-enter society effectively, the process must be safer and more efficient.  Kentucky now allows prisoners to gain work experience while still incarcerated, reducing probation and parole time for certain offenders.

Vulnerable Victims

Laws have been tightened to protect children and the most vulnerable adults from abuse.

Sexual Assault Victims

Provisions were made in the budget to help clear the backlog of rape evidence kits.

Good Samaritans

Civil immunity is provided to a person who damages a vehicle in order to protect a child from imminent danger.

A Second Chance

Non-violent felons who have paid their debt to society will now be given a second chance

Abandoned Infants

Churches are now recognized as “safe havens” where unwanted babies can be dropped off without fear of parents being criminally charged.

Religious Freedom

Kentucky public school, public college and university students have the legal right to express their religious and political views in their school work, artwork, speeches, etc., a right now specifically outlined in Kentucky statute.

Serving Those Who Serve Us

While public servants do not do what they do for recognition, Gov. Bevin strongly believes Kentucky should serve those who serve their communities.